Managed by a diverse team of professionals from the aviation and engineering fields, AeroMobiles has successfully synergized best practices from the different aspects of technical sciences and management know-how to attain a competitive edge in the dynamic global market through its reliable industrial expertise and services. One of the many living testaments was the A380 Upper Deck Catering Hi-Lift Prototype which was successfully tested on the real Airbus A380 aircraft in CHANGI International Airport.

Airbus developed the A380 - the most spacious and efficient airliner ever conceived. This 525-seat aircraft delivers an unparalleled level of comfort while retaining all the benefits of commonality with Airbus' other fly-by-wire aircraft Families. History is already in the making as AeroMobiles was commissioned to design and build the Upper Deck Catering Hi-Lift and those flight trials marked a significant milestone as the company was the First To Feed the A380 in the world.